Handmade Festival | Red Worms’ Farm
Handmade Festival è un festival gratuito di musica indipendente con concerti, bands live, djset in un posto spettacolare a Guastalla, Reggio Emilia. Cibo, drinks, cocktails, primi, grigliate, torte, banchetti tutto a prezzi democratici.
handmade festival, ingresso gratuito, concerti, band, djset, live, music, vintage market, musica indipendente, reggio emilia, guastalla,
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Red Worms’ Farm

Redwormsfarm were born in Padova, Italy in 1998 but the final line-up (two guitars and drums) was a definitive only after a few years. In 1999 Halley Records offered to produce the first album titled “Redwormsfarm” with the collaboration of Infranti, Giulio Ragno Favero (One Dimensional Man, Putiferio), Walter Bassi (Antisgammo, Kelvin, Woolter, Putiferio) and an old AKAI 12 tracks. The “do it yourself” attitude started taking place and the band began a crucial period full of collaboration and shows with the people of Halley but not only: Trance Syndicate, Bar La Muerte, Dischord, K Records, Love Boat Records.