Handmade Festival | Bobbypin
Handmade Festival è un festival gratuito di musica indipendente con concerti, bands live, djset in un posto spettacolare a Guastalla, Reggio Emilia. Cibo, drinks, cocktails, primi, grigliate, torte, banchetti tutto a prezzi democratici.
handmade festival, ingresso gratuito, concerti, band, djset, live, music, vintage market, musica indipendente, reggio emilia, guastalla,
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Bobbypin expresses genderless passion songs set between the moments of love and loss, fear and fight.
The melodies sticklike your favourite childhood candy, while stinging like a future jaded yearning. A classic treat with a modern gaze; reminiscent of 80s synth hits, 70s soft rock gems and your current alt-pop crush.