Handmade Festival | Sea Pinks
Handmade Festival è un festival gratuito di musica indipendente con concerti, bands live, djset in un posto spettacolare a Guastalla, Reggio Emilia. Cibo, drinks, cocktails, primi, grigliate, torte, banchetti tutto a prezzi democratici.
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Sea Pinks

Sea Pinks began in 2010 initially as the solo project of then Girls Names drummer Neil Brogan. The home recorded debut cassette “Youth Is Wasted” (feat. Japanese Knotweed) was released (on Brogan’s label CF Records) in September of that year. Neil began playing shows around this time as Sea Pinks with Girls Names cohorts Claire Miskimmin on stand up drums and Cathal Cully on bass. Much confusion followed as people failed to get their heads around the same three people playing in two different bands.

In 2011 Neil recorded the second Sea Pinks album “Dead Seas” (feat. Fountain Tesserae, Peripheral Vision) again mostly at home and playing all instruments (except for on Peripheral Vision which features Claire and Cathal). It was the first Sea Pinks album on vinyl and was again released on CF. More shows followed with the likes of John Maus, The Mantles and Warpaint.

In 2012 a new line up featuring Davey Agnew on drums, Steven Henry on bass and Phil Quinn on guitar took over live playing duties while Brogan released the third Sea Pinks record “Freak Waves” (feat. Lake Superior, A Pattern Recognition). More shows were played, etc.

Having left Girls Names in 2013 Neil set to work on the first Sea Pinks studio album with the now three piece line up of Steven, Davey and himself. The subsequent fourth album “Dreaming Tracks” (feat. Dream Happening, Magpies Eyes) was released in September 2014.

‘Soft Days’ the band’s second studio album (and fifth in total) featuring the now established line up of Neil, Davey and Steven, will be released in January 2016.